profile luca

Gianluca Pastorelli earned a first degree in Political Sciences at Bologna University, followed by a master’s degree in advanced neuro-linguistic programming. Since the mid-90s he has been working as a researcher and consultant for the Co-operative and Social Economy movements both at national and at European level. While maturing a sound experience in project writing and management he has thereby gained a broad insight in the fields of social innovation, social dialogue and industrial relations, training, entrepreneurship. At the head of DIESIS for 10 years, he has coordinated and developed cross border studies, research and activities in line with SMEs and cooperatives needs and priorities in partnership with the main co-operative and social economy organisations all over Europe. His working languages are Italian, French, English and Spanish.

profile dorotea

Dorotea Daniele took a first degree in political science followed by a master’s degree in international trade. She has been working for DIESIS since 2000. Before she had worked for the co-operative movement in Italy for more than 10 years. She has been in charge of transnational projects and European affairs for Federlavoro e Servizi (umbrella body of workers’ co-operatives) and for CGM (national consortium of social co-operatives). Dorotea Daniele has long experience of European community initiatives linked to employment. More generally, she has a deep knowledge of social economy, co-operatives and social enterprises in different European countries. Over her whole career she has managed many different kinds of transnational projects in all their different phases (identification of partners and financial resources, drafting of the project, implementation, monitoring and evaluation). She has a deep knowledge of the European integration process, with a particular emphasis on the themes of social policy, employment and training. Working language: Italian, French, English, Spanish. Dorotea Daniele has been selected among 257 candidates to be part of the GECES, the European Commission Expert Group on Social entrepreneurship that assists the EC in the implementation of the Social Business Initiative.

profile federico

Federico Camporesi studied Law at the University of Bologna where he graduated in 2004 with honours. He also holds a Master degree in International and European legal studies. In 2008 he successfully completed an internship at the Legal service of the European Parliament (Brussels). Since 2009 he holds an international PhD in EU law from the University of Bologna and the University of Strasbourg. In 2011 he joined Diesis where he works as a researcher and project manager in the field of Social economy and Industrial relations, specializing in social dialogue social affairs, social economy, EFP, cooperatives and public procurement. He also follows projects in the field of Justice and citizen rights and FP7 projects. Working languages: Italian, English and French.


Alessia Sebillo is graduated in Communication (2009) and since her degree she has been working as project manager and coordinator in the educational field. She worked for several years in a vocational training centre leading trainings in collaboration with several local NGOs and public authorities based in Naples (Italy), and addressed to disadvantaged people in order to support their social inclusion process. In 2012 started her experience in the European Programs in Youth field and since 2013 has collaborated as trainer with the Italian National Youth Council specializing in no formal education and e-learning training. In 2014 She joined DIESIS and is now involved in FP7, Erasmus + and Cosme programs in field of Social economy and entrepreneurship, social dialogue and responsible tourism. Working languages: Italian, English and French.