INNOVA eG  - Germany


Innova eG is a German cooperative whose mission is to deliver training and advice for

new co-operatives.


Since August 2006, the reform of the co-operative law in Germany has introduced the possibility

to set up co-operatives also for the promotion of the social and cultural interest of its members.

Through this reform it has become possible to increase the number and activities of co-operatives in this field.

Moreover, through the reform it has become easier to establish small sized co-operatives.


Innova eG offers a set of professional services for new co-operatives, in particular:


- Organisation of training courses for co-operative development workers ;


- Replication systems for new co-operatives;


- Central development agency in Germany for self help, social and cultural co-operatives;


- Research and promotion work on co-operative issues;


- Transnational work in the field of Social Economy.



ADDRESS: Konstantinstr. 12, 04315 Leipzig, Germany


TEL: + 49 341 6810985; FAX: + 49 341 6811786




EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dr. Burghard Flieger, Hans-Gerd Nottenbohm, Dr. Sonja Menzel


CONTACT PERSON: Hans-Gerd Nottenbohm


LEGAL STATUS: Co-operative under German law