DIESIS provides support and expertise to its members and clients in the search for transnational partners and in the creation and development of European networks. The support includes: survey of potential partners, matching of common interests, advice on the creation of networks, support to the management of European networks, specific expertise in the field of social economy.


We offer technical assistance to governments and institutions in the field of social economy related activities.


Technical assistance and training for the use of EU funds in order to develop activities and projects to be carried out in Latin America.

The European Network for Better Future of Social Economy (BFSE) is a network funded by the European Commission and composed by ESF Managing Autorities of seven Member States and Regions (Poland, Flanders, Lombardy, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland and England) to tackle issues that have been impeding the growth of the social economy. In 2010 DIESIS prepared the Baseline study for BFSE Network to identify what the problems were, describe what solutions were to be attempted, and orient the work of the network. In 2011-2012 DIESIS was involved as Network facilitator in order to provide an expert support on the main topics dealt by the network (social franchising, financial instruments and fund allocation mechanisms to social economy, measuring social added value, socially responsible public procurement and public-social partnership, state aid and social services of general interest), to organise and chair network events and to support website development and provide information on policy areas identified for social economy development on the EU level. A team of DIESIS experts prepared the final publication “A better future - Results of the BFSE network”. The publication summarises the results of the work of the Network better Future of Social Economy, and contains recommendations and suggestions on the role social economy should play in the new ESF programming period. More info : www.socialeconomy.pl

In the recent years DIESIS has provided technical assistance to several Polish organisations for the development of a Polish system of social economy. DIESIS puts at their disposal its European-wide experience and knowledge through different activities such: - Participation to conferences and seminars (Opole – November 2011, Lodz – October 2011, Lublin – October 2011, Krakow – October 2011); - Organisation of study visits on social economy related topics (Malopolska-Lombardy 2012); - Preparation of reports and studies (Malopolska-Lombardy 2012); - Creation of transnational partnerships for projects and other activities. In October 2012, DIESIS expert has been interviewed on European perspectives for the development of Polish social economy on the Polish Scientific Review “Ekonomia Społeczna” (Social Economy) and participated in a round table organised by EMES (European Research Network on Social Enterprises) and the University of Warsaw.

DIESIS prepared a strategic development plan for the Municipality of Fuenlabrada. The goal was to increase the visibility of the Municipality at European level and to promote exchanges with European partners. DIESIS completed two strategic plans analysing the city's needs, strengths and weaknesses as well as the available European programs.

Information, training and technical assistance on the management of projects funded by the European Union.

DIESIS participated in the project by providing technical support to the Town of Hanover, and made specific activities for the Spanish Consorcio Sur. Furthermore, it coordinated several activities for the dissemination of the results.


Under the second round of Equal, DIESIS has provided technical assistance to governments organising European events on social economy. • The Polish government has organised the learning seminar “Social economy: a model for inclusion, entrepreneurship and local development”, which took place in Warsaw from 10th to 12th May 2006. DIESIS has provided support in the organisation of the seminar (redaction of the programme, choice of speakers, selection of participants, etc.) and has prepared case studies and background materials (available to download on http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/equal/activities/200604-se-etg2_en.cfm • The second event took place in Italy (Tivoli – Rome) on December 4th and 5th and examined “how can social economy contribute to local development?”. DIESIS acted as expert presenting a background paper and a case study from Poland. • The third event “Social Enterprises: Equal Work and Business Opportunities” was held in Helsinki on 5-6 February 2007. The seminar aim was to contribute to the mainstreaming of EQUAL best practices in the field of Social Economy and in particular Social Enterprises. It brought together about 300 actors both from the ‘EQUAL world’ and the ‘outside’ and provided them a forum for discussing themes such as finance, support and training for social enterprises, growth sectors and business models, service provision and public social partnerships. • A policy forum was held in Hanover (Germany) on June 5th and 6Th 2007. It was organized jointly by Social Economy and Business Creation ETGs and it was focused on identifying strategies for inclusive entrepreneurship and social enterprise to be included in the Lisbon strategy. It involved many relevant EU and international institutions (European Commission, EP, EESC, Committee of Regions, OECD) in order to broaden understanding and support for the social economy and inclusive entrepreneurship and the need for more comprehensive and integrated approaches during the next round of structural funds. • A learning seminar on “Think Smart, Act Social: Enhancing Social Value in Public Procurement” was organised by the Flemish government in Antwerp on 10th-11th April 2008. The aim of the event was to raise awareness among local authorities and public procurement officers of the possibilities of buying from social enterprises and to raise the capacity of social enterprises to deliver social benefits in their contracts with public authorities. DIESIS provided expertise and coordinated the workshop on the role of different stakeholders in public procurement.

DIESIS assisted AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) in the constitution of EARTH (European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), a European network aiming at organising and structuring responsible tourism networks all over Europe.

DIESIS has been appointed as expert on social economy by EAPN (European Anty Poverty Network) to write a briefing for its member and to organise and facilitate a workshop aiming at supporting EAPN to make a first step towards exchanging experience, clarifying key concerns and moving towards developing an EAPN common position and lobbying strategy around social economy.

DIESIS provided EMES logistical and administrative support for the management of the research projects on social enterprises EMES and PERSE.

DIESIS collaborated with ECG in the organisation of seminars and meetings. It has been appointed by ECG for planning and organising benchmarking activities during 2007.

Administrative, technical secretariat and logistic for Cecodhas (European Liaison Committee for Social Housing).