Are you looking for business partners in Europe in the social economy?


Do you want to start an international activity?


DIESIS can provide:


  • Support for business-to-business activities and negotiations
  • Market surveys and country information sheets
  • Support to the internationalisation process
  • Facilitation of transnational partnerships and joint ventures
  • Information on social economy legislations and organisations in different EU countries.


Here some of our main cunsultancy activities:


One day seminar on "Workers cooperatives: a powerful tool to develop employment. A transnational comparison" has been realised for a group of cooperative managers from Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.
A series of specific seminars aiming at creating contacts and 'business-to-business' opportunities has been organised for French, Spanish and Italian cooperatives working in training and service sector.
A benchmarking seminar on the opportunities created by the European Cooperative Statute has been organised for the members of ECG (European Association of Cooperative Groups).
One day seminar on "the new Polish law on social cooperatives: opportunities to develop the sector and transnational collaboration". The day was organised as an exchange seminar aiming at getting a better mutual knowledge of Polish and Italian contexts and organisations.
Two days training on "The Italian experience of consortia: some ideas for French SCOPs". The training was addressed to managers of SCOPs and representatives of SCOP federations and aimed at presenting and discussing the Italian experience in order to identify elements of transferability to the French context.