Senscot is a social enterprise umbrella organisation which focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs in all

walks of life in business, in government and in particular, creating social enterprises.

Senscot was established in 1999 with the objective of linking up and supporting social entrepreneurs in

Scotland. It was hoped that through this activity their enterprises could more effectively address many of

the social problems that exist in communities across the country, both urban and rural. Over the last 15

years, Senscot has achieved this through three distinct areas of work.

Senscot's vision is of a socially just Scotland served by a thriving social economy and the mission is to

establish and serve a national network of support for social entrepreneurs and their enterprises.




Connecting and informing the network

The latest (2013) Social Enterprise Census indicates that there are over 5,000 social enterprises,

employing 100,000 people across all sectors in Scotland; through regular meetings of networks and our

hosting of other gatherings - contact with this activity is continuous.


Facilitating Networks

It encourages and facilitates meetings of social enterprises across the country – with particular focus on

the operation of Thematic and Local social enterprise networks (SENS); these provide members with

opportunities for peer support, collective action and market development. There are currently six

Thematic SENS. Community Food, Sport, Health, Cultural and Creative, Employability and Tourism. At

transnational level, withsupport fromtheScottish Government, SENSCOT participated in atransnational EU

socialentrepreneurshipnetwor(EU SEN) in 2013-15 and re-joined it in April 2017.


 Developing the Sector

It acts as a third sector ‘intermediary’ – between front line SENs and Scottish Govt. policy makers -

developing strategy and action priorities. In response to dialogue with its wider network, Senscot will

continue to, with others, incubate and spin out new services, which grow the social economy. In 2015,

Senscot initiated along with Social Firms Scotland the development of a Social Enterprise Strategy for

Scotland – this led to the development of a co-produced strategy which was launched in December 21016,

Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy, 2016-2026.




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