Scuola Nazionale Servizi is a Foundation set up in 2012 that aggregates more than

40 entities: 35 enterprises, 5 Entrepreneurial National Associations and 1 citizens national association.


The mission of SNS is to develop expertise and disseminate knowledge and best practices among

the relevant stakeholders in the field of industrial relations.


SNS Foundation aggregates as full members seven social cooperatives. In addition, among its full members

SNS Foundation counts Legacoop Servizi, a national association that collect several cooperatives and

social enterprises with a special focus on unemployed, disadvantaged people and young entrepreneurs.


Due to its wide and strong international network, SNS Foundation is a benchmark for the Italian

enterprises interested in internationalization processes.


Furthermore, Scuola Nazionale Servizi Foundation is a VET provider and counts among its member several

regional VET providers, delivering their experience in ECVET systems. We are also linked with several

Public Administrations for the development, negotiation and introduction of professional profiles and

competences into regional classification. 



 ADDRESS: Strada Santa Lucia n. 8 - 06125 Perugia (PG)


TEL: +39 075 5845139 - FAX: +39 075 5848054




E-MAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DIECTOR:Enrico Libera




LEGAL STATUS: Foundation