KMOP- which translates to Family & Childcare Centre - is a Greek non-profit organization with

more than 35 years of field-based experience in providing integrated support services for various

groups at risks.


Based in Athens, KMOP has managed to establish during the last decades a strong

presence not only in Greece (Attica, Central Macedonia, East Macedonia and Thrace, Peloponnese,

Central Greece and Thessaly) but also internationally (Kosovo, Egypt, FYROM, Bosnia & Herzegovina,

Kyrgyz Republic etc.), focusing primarily on underprivileged areas and regions.


Goals & objectives

KMOP’s main goal and vision is to contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of socially vulnerable groups,

bringing about sustainable improvements in their lives. KMOP’s objectives include:


- Stimulate the full integration and active participation of disadvantaged groups;


- Combat social exclusion and promote social cohesion and equality;


-  Enhance the wellbeing of vulnerable groups in a sustainable manner by strengthening their capacities and

   increasing their access to resources;


- Raise awareness on social policy issues.




ADDRESS: 75, Skoufa str. 10680 Athenes, Greece


TEL: +30 210 36 37 547


FAX: +30 210 36 39 758


WEB SITE: www.


EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PRESIDENT: Antonia Torrens


CONTACT PERSON: Antonia Torrens


LEGAL STATUS: No profit organization