Confederacion Empresarial de Sociedades Laborales d'España - Spain

Spanish entrepreneurial confederation of participative enterprises


CONFESAL is a participative SMEs representative organization active at the national level in Spain.

Its main objective is representing and protecting the interests of employee owned SMEs (roughly 20,000 in Spain).

CONFESAL also supports the entrepreneurial development, business establishment and thereby job creation.


CONFESAL main activities are:

- Representation and defence of entrepreneurial, economic and social interests of Spanish participative enterprises;

- Representation vis-à-vis public and private bodies on social, economic and policy themes influencing entrepreneurial

   activities of participative enterprises;

- Relationships and exchanges with similar organisations, particularly with those belonging to social economy;

- Raising public opinion awareness on participative enterprises as an innovative model of business;

- Coordinating and providing technical assistance to member organisations.



ADDRESS: C/Vallehermoso 15-1°, 28015, Madrid, Spain


TEL: +34 91 444 09 70 ; FAX: +34 91 444 09 74




EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PRESIDENT: José María Algora Jiménez


CONTACT PERSON: Francesc Abad Rigla


LEGAL STATUS: Non profit entrepreneurial organisation under Spanish law