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The National Cooperative Group CGM was founded in 1987 as a nation-wide network

made up of local (provincial or metropolitan) consortia. It represents the biggest Italian

network of social enterprises. Its aim is the promote communities welfare by projecting

and promoting quality services at an affordable price. CGM represents a national network

whose membership is composed of 77 consortia which gather more than a thousand social

cooperatives. CGM's network provides social, sanitary and work integration services.

Within CGM's network there are more than 48 thousands workers, 4.300 of whom are

disadvantaged workers and 4.200 are volunteers.


CGM has focused on enterprise-oriented aspects, by encouraging entrepreneurial skills to

spread within its network and by working at a national level, as general contractor and promoter

of territorial development activities by means of specific project.


The exchange of best practices is fundamental to promote innovation and competences' development

within the network . It also enables for evaluation and transfer of best practices, and provides tools

and practices to satisfy people's needs in the most effective way.


CGM's activities aim at:


- Supporting the development of third sector associations and cooperatives towards social enterprise

   as promoter of social solidarity.

- Being a qualified interlocutor of institutions, schools, mass media, employment, business and political world.

- Encouraging and supporting organised forms of associations stemming from citizens' initiatives.

- Running and managing projects to develop and innovate the national and European social economy.



ADDRESS: Via Marco Aurelio 8, I-20127, Milano


TEL: +39 0236579650; FAX: +39 0236579669




EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PRESIDENT: Stefano Granata


CONTACT PERSON: Pierluca Ghibelli


ROME OFFICE : Palazzo della Cooperazione, Via Torino 146, I-00184, Roma


LEGAL STATUS: Consortium of social co-operatives (registered as a social co-operative according to the Law 381/91)