Associazione Nazionale delle Cooperative di Servizi e Turismo - Italy

National Association of Service and Tourist Co-operatives


LEGACOOP SERVIZI (Italian Association of cooperatives in the field of services) composed by 1,700

co-operatives with more than 170,000 members and employees.

It represents, supports and supervises member co-operatives in order to promote their development

as modern and efficient enterprises.

It drafts co-operative sectorial policies in agreement with Legacoop governing bodies. It promotes the

principles of the International Co-operative Alliance.




Promoting co-operative policy in the service sector;


Providing qualified assistance to members;


Representing members in negotiation of contracts, pacts, working agreements with trade unions;


Establishing collaborations and connections with Italian and foreign organisations (co-operatives,

trade unions, sectorial and professional bodies, technical and economic organisations);


Carring out all the initiatives and activities that could be useful to help the development of the

co-operative movement and to promote participation and democratic management;



ADDRESS: via Guattani 9, 00161, Roma, Italy.


TEL: +39 06 8443930 


E MAIL: segreteriaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WEB SITE: www.legacoopservizi.coop


PRESDENT:  Fabrizio Bolzoni


CONTACT PERSON: Simona Cicconi


LEGAL STATUS: National Association of service co-operatives members of Legacoop