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Agence d'ingénierie et de services pour entreprendre autrement - France


AVISE covers a wide range of activities, gaining the trust of many players thanks to its

expertise and capacity to rally.


Technical assistance to associations:

Since it was implemented in 2002, Avise has been in charge of leading the "Dispositif Local

d'Accompagnement – DLA" (a local support measure conceived to be a technical support

to associations). Avise works with many public and private partners to professionalise and

structure the DLA's network offer and to suit the needs of the organizations involved in the

social economy.


Social entrepreneurship:

Avise provides expert assistance on social entrepreneurship to increase the number of social

enterprises, strengthen and enhance existing companies expand, lure young people towards

social entrepreneurship, connect actors and develop networking, and keep experimenting and



Integration through economic activity:

Avise supplies technical support to the State and to the National Council in charge of promoting

integration through economic activity and representing the structures involved in this field.

To accompany its development, Avise participates to a wide-ranging programme of actions launched

to develop the training of employees on inclusion schemes.


Sustainable procurements:

To foster and develop sustainable procurements, Avise provides public and private purchasers with access

to a directory currently listing 4000 establishments that hire employees on inclusion schemes. A dedicated

Internet portal run by Avise provides additional resources.


Social innovation:

Social innovation is a key driver of economic activity, employment, social cohesion, and for the meeting of

new social needs. How can we speed up its development ? Avise is committed to a partnership approach,

striving to raise awareness and recognition of social innovation. It produces tools and promotes networking

among players who share a widened vision of innovation.



ADDRESS: 18 avenue Parmentier, 75011, Paris, France


TEL: +33 (0)1 53 25 02 27


WEB SITE: www.avise.org


EMAIL:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PRESIDENT: Anna Fontaine




LEGAL STATUS: Avise is the French national body promoting social enterprises and social innovation.

It was cofounded in 2002 by the long term public investor Caisse des Dépôts and representative players

from the social economy.