• SENINTER Final Conference




    Final conference

    26th September 2017
    9.30 am to 1.30 pm


    Instituto Cervantes
    Avenue Louise 140
    1050 Bruxelles



    SENINTER is not just a trip, it is a legacy 





    The SENINTER project proposes the creation of a slow and sustainable tourism product adapted to the seniors travelling with their grandchildren during the low and medium season in Europe. Partner organisations from Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Spain are giving a new form to this innovative idea that launches a new tourist model and opens a new way from conventional to responsible tourism.


    SENINTER TOUR aims to promote a slow and sustainable tourism product targeted and adapted to the seniors travelling with their grandchildren during the low and medium season in Europe. 


    The tourism product will be based on the discovery of the local heritage (tangible and intangible), culture and on meetings with the local community, especially with other seniors and their grandchildren of the destination.


     During the conference the partneship will present the SENINTER MODEL based on 4 important factors and values:


    4 pillars


    TRANS-NATIONALITY: the product increases its interest in term of sharing experiences and culture if made in an international context;


    INTER-GENERATIONALITY: by giving the chance for seniors to travel with their grandchildren, the relationship within elderly and youngest will benefit;


    LOCAL COMMUNITY: in terms of sustainable and foremost responsible tourism, the supply side will benefit in terms of income and knowledge/engagement and the demand side will have a deeper experience of the visited places;


    LOW SEASON: due to the target groups it will be possible to cope with the challenge of increasing the occupancy rate during the low season.















    Due to the limited number of places and for security reasons we kindly ask you to register to the event by filling in the form HERE


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  • SENINTER project



    SENINTER is not just a trip, it is a legacy!


    Under the name of SENINTER, several organizations from Slovenia, Italy, Belgium and Spain, are working together on this project financed by the European Commission.


    But, what is SENINTER?


    It is a reaction to the main problems of the tourism industry: saturated destinations, the need to deseasonalize the offer; and also a reaction to the most negative effects of tourism: loss of cultural identity, overuse of resources, destruction of the environment, benefits not perceived by the local population, and many more.


    This led to the creation of SENINTER, a proposal for a profound change in the current tourism model, turning negative effects into positive ones. With three very interesting ingredients: grandchildren, grandparents and local population, and the background of the European Union and its cultures.


    SENINTER proposes the creation of a slow and sustainable tourism product, adapted to senior citizens who travel across Europe with their grandchildren during medium and low seasons.


    To have more information about the project download our brochure.



  • 1st – 3rd of September : TransCSR final event in Brussels !

    Brussels, 7/09/2015


    Between the 1st and the 3rd of September, Diesis Coop (partner of the project) and EARTH (associated partner) held in Brussels the 3-day final event of the European funded project "TransCSR"! This event aimed to present the results of the project and to create the opportunity to reflect on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the tourism sector, especially linked with the trainings, the qualification and competences of the professionals in Europe.


    TransCSR logoEU flag LLP EN-01


    What did TransCSR create?

    The project created a platform called the "CSR Pass", to allow professionals in the fields of tourism and CSR to evaluate and assess their knowledge, skills and competences and to become more transparent and structured for themselves and for their employers. At the end, they can get their personalized "PDF European Skills Passport" that establishes a statement about their knowledge and competences regarding sustainable tourism and CSR.

    Test your skills and get your personalized CSR pass now HERE !