• Social Keys for Social Entrepreneurship




    European INFO DAY
    Social Keys for Social Entrepreneurship


    Brussels, 27th January 2016, 9:00 – 13:00
    Social Platform – Square de Meeus 18 – 1050 Brussels


    Social Economy is one of the most important economic sectors in Europe, with a significant occupational relevance.
    Several training providers and Social Economy organisations sustain together the Social Keys Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership aimed to develop and test in different European countries coherent common curricula and courses for the professional profiles of social entrepreneur and social enterprise manager.
    As European partner at the centre of Social Economy in Europe, DIESIS is organising an Info Day aiming at presenting the progresses of the project so far and the main issues at stake on the theme of training and qualifications for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises managers. The presentation of the project will be followed by a round table with the European Commission and all the relevant stakeholders of the sector in order to discuss common skills, qualifications and learning pathways for social entrepreneurs in Europe.


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