• Call for Tender for the selection of external evaluator

    DIESIS requires the services of an external evaluator that will guarantee the evaluation following the standard of the Monitoring and Evaluation System (EMS).

    It is required the evaluation of two complementary aspects of a project:

    • The quality of the process (the process being the set of activities changing the inputs into outputs);
    • The quality of outputs (results, products and deliverables) and their impact.

    The qualifications of applying expert should be outlined in a comprehensive resume (CV) showing professional achievements and providing previous experience in a social economy and social inclusion field. The CV should be also provided with a list of relevant projects and publications concerning social economy or social entrepreneurship, or ‘exchange of knowledge’ on above mentioned topics. Each candidate should deliver a statement of availability confirming that he/she is available to perform requested tasks with indicated resource estimation in days and the budget breakdown specifying the number of work days for certain tasks and cost of a work day.

    The application should also include around one page information on how expertise will fit into For Quality! activities (motivation letter). 

    DIESIS invites candidates available to provide the above mentioned services to submit their respective offers in English no later than October the 24th 2014 addressed to Dorotea Daniele at dorotea.daniele@diesis.coop clearly indicating information about the services that you propose and an indication about your price policy.

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