3rdEurope project creates a strategic partnership among organisations dealing with Third Sector management and leadership in the European Countries. Its mission is to transform current training in Third Sector management into a quality leap to Entrepreneurial Third Sector Leadership.

In particular, the contention of this project is that a new profession (Entrepreneurial Third Sector Leader) would be needed in order to reassert the vision and mission of Third Sector organisations through building pro-active capacity among managers at all levels to become entrepreneurial leaders, able to IDENTIFY, ADDRESS and EXPLOIT those emerging opportunities.

The entrepreneurial Third Sector leader should be a new generation of leader who successfully guides their organization to balance the competing interests of service delivery, citizen representation and revenue generation.

Eu3leader aims to strengthen leadership and entrepreneurship capacities so that third sector organisations are more able to drive positive change in tomorrow’s Europe.

Working with leaders, trainers and researchers across Europe, we are developing a framework and knowhow platform for entrepreneurial leadership in the third sector. The framework will include key competences for leaders in third sector. The platform will offer e-learning training programme resources based on the framework of competences.

Focusing on a range of competences such as entrepreneurialism, advocacy, social innovation and impact evaluation, eu3leader is the first Europe-wide initiative for improving leadership in our sector.